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Gudmundur was born 15 August 1862, the son of Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, born 11 October 1829 in Illugastadir, Tjorn i Vatnsnesi, Vestur Hunavatn, died 19 October 1913; and Valgerdur Bjornsdottir, born 9 September 1828 in Litlaborg, Breidabolstadit i Vestur Hunavatn, died 11 December 1916.
Gudmundur married Ingibjorg Margaret Jonatansdottir. Ingibjorg was born 20 April 1857; her parents are Jonatan Davidsson, born 1824 at Hvarfi, died 17 March 1873; and Sigurros Hjalmarsdottir, born 13 October 1834 in Haga, Thingi, died 24 December 1924. They were married on the ship as they immigrated to America in 1883 with his parents, Eyjolfur and Valgerdur, who had joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They first stopped in North Dakota and then Helena, Montana. When his parents and siblings left Helena for Spanish Fork, Utah, Gudmundur worked in the mines for a while before he joined his family in Spanish Fork.
Gudmundur built a home on the northwest corner of 300 South and 900 East in Spanish Fork. He was a good carpenter, brick mason and cement man. His home reflected his skills as a builder. He worked as bricklayer on the Central School, located on 100 North and 300 East in Spanish Fork.
Gudmundur and Ingibjorg had six children: Jonatan Tony, about 1884-1950, Ellen 1886-1950, Albert 1888-1917, Walter Rosamund 1891-1917, Ingibjorg Sigurros, born 1894, and Paul Vidalin, born 1898. Gudmundur changed his name to James E. Jameson. All the children used Jameson as their surname.
Gudmundur and Ingibjorg moved to California after he retired. They stayed with their son Paul, who was a doctor. Gudmundur died 20 March 1955 in Lynnwood, California. He is buried in the Spanish Fork City Cemetery. In Utah he went by James E. Jameson.

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