Monday, July 18, 2011

Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Only Heimaey of the 15 Westman Islands is inhabited. The climate in Vestmannaeyjar is some what changeable, and frequently windy. The average temperature in the winter is about 2 C. and in the summer 19.7 C. The Westman Islands are traditionally one of the most imprtant fishing communities in Iceland, with only about 2% of the population of Iceland the islanders are responsible for about 10% of the annual catch.
In the early mourning of 23 January 1973 a volcanic eruption began near Mount Helgafell. Some 400 of the islands 1350 homes were buried under volcanic ash. With several being distoried. Somehow only one life was lost.

Many of the Icelandic emigrants to Utah came from Vestmannaeyjar. Including my own Great Grandfather, Eyjolfur Eriksson. Eyjolfur was born 26 February 1854 at Nyibaer, Holt undir Eyjafjollum, Rangarvalla. He worked as a fisherman and later was a sailor. He moved to Vestmannaeyjar and lived at Holshus in Vestmannaeyjar.
16 July 2011 an exhibit was opened in the library at Vestmannaeyjar honoring the emigrants to Utah. Fred Woods wrote to me; "The opening of the exhibit went so well. The spirit was poured out in great abundance. 86 Icelandic Saints were in attendance. Our dream came true for a permanent museum exhibit at Vestmannaeyjar."
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