Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fréttir - 3

1 February 2012

Þorrablót is an Icelandic winter festival and feast which takes place during the Old Icelandic month of Þorri (beginning late January and ending in late February). Þorrablót consists of a dinner of traditional Icelandic meat and fish dishes including, but not limited to, Svið (singed and boiled sheep's head), Hrútspungur (cured ram's testicles), and Hákarl (fermented shark). Festivities also include heavy drinking (preferably Brenevín), staged performances highlighting local gossip and an after-dinner ball.
The Icelandic Association of Utah will be having their Þorrablót on February 25, 2012.Dinner Ticket Cost: Adults: $15.00 (*pre-order) or $18.00 at the door. Children 12 and under: $5. We in Utah will be forgoing the heavy drinking and the after dinner ball.
Þorramatur Sample Platter maybe available* at an extra cost: $5 (*pre-order) or try each Icelandic delicacy for a just a $1 each at the door (supplies limited).
* Note: Þorramatur Sample Platters may not be available at time of event due to recent import/export regulations and tax hikes. Feel free to pre-order since you don't pay until the event at-the-door.
To pre-order adult/children dinner tickets & sample platter tickets call 1-888-901-8373.
Where & When: Veterans Memorial Building, Southeast corner of Main Street and 400 North,
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
February 25, 2011 - Doors open at 5:00 P.M. - Dinner starts at 6:00 P.M.

Visit Iceland
If your going to visit Iceland this year this is a good website to visit. Visit Iceland the official tourism information site.

Go West

Go West...is a company providing outdoor experiences and travel opportunities in Iceland. Their favorite place is Breiðafjörður-area in Western Iceland.
The guides are my good friends Jon Joel Einarsson and Maggy Magnusdottir; both experienced outdoor enthusiasts whose roots are in the community. They have a deep expertise, gained through long experience of outdoor knowledge of nature and culture. In other words; a wealth of values they want to share with others.
Krókabyggð 1, 270 Mosfellsbær, Iceland - Email gowest@utogvestur.is - Tel: (354) 696 9995 or 694 9513

February 2012 Utah emigrant of the month GUÐRÚN JÓNSDÓTTIR

Guðrún was born 23 July 1849 at Storidalur undir Eyjafjollum, Rangarvalla. She is the daughter of Jon Jonson and Sigrid Bryjolfsdottir. Gudrun married Einar Jonsson, born 16 August 1839 at Samastadir, Kross, Rangarvalla. He is the son of Jon Halldorsson, born , in 1813 at Samastadir, Kross, Rangarvalla; and Gudrun Jonsdottir, born in 1817 at Samastadir, Kross, Rangarvalla. Gudrun and Einar were married 5 November 1871; there were nine children born to this marriage: Gudrun Helga, 24 July 1872; Johanna, 2 July 1874; Gudrun, 5 October 1875; and Augustine, 1 August 1878. These four children were born in Vestmannaeyjar. Nicholas Wisconsin, July 1880, was born on board the S.S. Wisconsin on the way to America. Alice Theodora, 5 November 1882, Ephraim Alexander 7 January 1885, Sarah, 16 November 1886 and Elizabeth 27 October 1888, the last four, were born in Spanish Fork, Utah.
Gudrun joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was baptized by Elder Einar Eiriksson 19 December 1974. In 1880 Gudrun and Einar emigrated to Spanish Fork, Utah. Einar returned to Iceland in 1889 to serve as a missionary and was killed in an accident on Vestmannaeyjar.
Gudrun then married Thordur Thordarson, born 4 September 1863 in Vestmannaeyjar, died 10 September 1902 in Spanish Fork. Thordur immigrated to Spanish Fork in 1890. Gudrun died 8 May 1931 and is buried in the Spanish Fork City Cemetery.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

In his New Year's Day speech President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson announced
that he would not run again for president.
Read more about the story at Iceland Review.com