Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bárður Einarsson

Bardur Einarsson was born 10 September 1875 at Vestmannaeyjar. His parents are Einar Eiriksson, born 30 December 1847 at Medalfell, Bjarnanes i Hornafirdi, Austur Skaftafell, died 18 May 1930 in Cleveland, Utah; and Gudrun Magnusdottir, born 29 June 1840 in Iceland, died 18 May 1930 in Price, Utah. His parents were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When Bardur was born, the Lutheran priest notified his parents that the law required that he baptize Bardur by sprinkling. Einar, against the baptizing of his infant, had a long conversation with the priest before the priest performed the sermon. Einar petitioned the government later that year asking for the privilege to be given to all those who may not be members of the Lutheran Church to raise their children in accordance with their own faith, if both parents were of the same faith. This request was granted, and the Mormons were no longer required to have their children sprinkled.
Bardur immigrated to Spanish Fork, Utah with his mother, Gudrun Magnusdottir, in 1880. His father followed that same year. Bardur moved to Cleveland, Utah with his parents in 1889. He married Mary Helena Johnson 7 July 1894, died 8 January 1955. He also married Minnie Hansen 28 July 1958.
Bardur died in Ferron, Utah 22 July 1970 and is buried in the Cleveland Cemetery. He went by Bardur Erickson in Utah; he is number 95 in Icelanders of Utah.


Lehigrams said...

This man was an Uncle to my mother, Louise Erickson(Starich).
Her father Erick was Barour's younger brother. I do not remember him very well, but do know some of his children. My mother said that Minnie was a very nice woman. He had a large posterity.

David Johnson said...

I see on the BYU Digital Photo Archives a photo of Einar Ericksson taken in Cleveland, Utah. There are two unnamed young men sitting with him. I would guess these are his two eldest sons, Erick and Barður. Can someone confirm. I'm interested in this family because they were close friends of my ancestors--Svein & Helga Thordarsson who also came from Vestmanyjar. Stories about Einar are in a book I just received so e-mail if you want to read these stories about your family told from my families perspective. Quite intresting!! (

Anonymous said...

Bardur would have been my great grandfather, thank you for posting this site. this is the first time i have seen any relatives on my grandmothers (Iola Mae) side of the family...