Saturday, July 23, 2011

Garden of Eden

Eden Greenhouse in Hveragerdi, Iceland burned yesterday, Fire broke out shortly after midnight on 22 July 2011. The building was a total loss. Bardur Gunnarsson said "it is a sad evening in Hvergerdi. Eden has been serving our people for over fifty years and is gone just like that in a moment of a one evening."
I last visited Eden in 2005, it was closed in 2010 when I was in Iceland. I took the picture below in 2005.

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J. Patrick Smith said...

That's sad. I remember Eden when I was stationed in Iceland with the U.S. Navy. Eden was a favorite stopping point when we'd go on tours around the Icelandic countryside. I remember ordering french fries there. At the time, there was a kind of indoor amusement park across the street. Is that still there I wonder?