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Gudny was born 22 November 1860; her parents are Sigurdur Sigurdsson, born 6 August 1833, died 29 October 1885; and Sigridur Petursdottir, born 30 August 1830 at Holmahjaleiga, Kross, Rangarvalla, died 26 December 1903 at Olafshus, Vestmannaeyjar. Gudny joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was baptized by Elder Einar Eiriksson 18 June 1886. She immigrated to Spanish Fork, Utah a few days after she was baptized.
She married Jon Jonasson, born 24 September 1857 at Ramakot, Kross, Rangarvalla, the son of Jonas Jonsson, born 1 February 1823, died 27 October 1885; and Gudrun Thorkelsdottir, born 4 August 1825, died 23 February 1899. They were married 29 November 1886 in Spanish Fork, Utah. Gudny and Jon lived in a dugout when they first arrived in Spanish Fork. Gudny sheared sheep right along with her husband in order to make a living.
Gudny loved the Icelandic people. Her favorite saying was “There is no one as good as the Icelanders.” Her loyalty to them was a very commendable part of her character.
Gudny and Jon had nine children: John Karl, Ellen Olive, Samuel, Sara Ann Margret, Eysteinn, Joseph Franklin, Sigurosa, Gudrun Jane, and Daniel. They lived on farms in the river-bottoms at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon and in Palmyra, Utah. Their last home was on Tenth East and Third North in Spanish Fork. Gudny died 23 December 1934 and is buried in the Spanish Fork City Cemetery. She was known in Utah as Gudny Johnson; her husband was known as John C. Johnson.

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