Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guðmunda Eyjólfsdóttir

Gudmunda Eyjolfsdottir or Gudmunda Minnie Eyjolfsdottir was born 6 November 1859 in Eyjabakka, Vestur Hunavatn. Her parents are Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, born 11 October 1829 at Illugastadir, Tjorn a Vatnsnesi, Vestur Hunavatn, died 19 October 1913 in Utah; and Valgerdur Bjornsdottir, born 9 September 1828, died 11 December 1916.
Gudmunda married Bjarni Jonsson 13 October 1893. Bjarni was born 19 April 1863 at Ketilsstadir; his parents are Jon Thorkelsson, born 1 March 1830, died 20 March 1871; and Ingiridur Einarsdottir, born 2 November 1832, died 18 January 1913. They had five children: Susan 1894-1972, Vigdis Dorothy 1897-1968, Enga about 1899-1987, and Bjarni 1901-1946. They also had a stillborn child born the same day as Bjarni.
Gudmunda was a tiny, attractive lady with red hair. She had a very sweet personality, known as kind, gentle person who was always hospitable to everyone. Their home was on 200 North and 950 East in Spanish Fork. She was a good mother and housekeeper. Gudmunda died 29 July 1929 and is buried in the Spanish Fork City Cemetery.

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