Friday, April 2, 2010


Gudbjorg Gudmundsdottir was born 13 November 1876 in Vestmannaeyjar. Her parents are Gudmundur Gudmundsson, born 22 January 1842, died 23 August 1919 in Mapleton, Utah; and Johanna Gudmundsdottir, born 1 October 1841 in Vestmannaeyjar, died 22 April 1935 in Mapleton, Utah.
Gudmundur and his wife Johanna joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, baptized by Elder Einar Eiriksson 9 June 1886. Gudmundur and Johanna and their three youngest daughters, Gudbjorg, Maria and Jonina, and Simundur Simundsson, Gudbjorg’s half brother left, Iceland 29 June 1886. They arrived in Spanish Fork, Utah 24 July 1886.
Gudbjorg married Jeremiah M. Davis 2 January 1897, and they moved Winter Quarters, near Scofield, Utah, where Jeremiah was employed in the coal mines. Jeremiah was born 6 June 1873 in Robertstown, Glamorgan, Wales. On 1 May 1900 an explosion occurred in the Number Four mine at Winter Quarters, and Jeremiah was one of those rescued. Gudbjorg and Jeremiah moved to Raymond, Alberta, Canada. Gudbjorg died 27 May 1962 in Raymond, Alberta, Canada. In America, Gudbjorg went by Rebecca Gudmundson.

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