Friday, December 26, 2008

Hálfdan Helgason

Just recently I received a copy of a book called Icelanders Gather to Utah 1854-1914.A great work of David Alan Ashby in Orem, Utah. For a long time La Nora Allred's book The Icelanders of Utah has been almost the only source of information regarding the Icelandic Mormons who went to Utah, but unfortunately in many ways both very brief and very incomplete and with far too many errors. Now David has dug deep for information and the result is a very comprehensive and accurate book which in the future will serve as a reliable start point for those descendants of the Icelandic Mormons in Utah who search for their roots as well as for Icelandic genealogists -and of course others - searching for the faith of those who left. Congratulations David!

Hálfdan Helgason - Reykjavík - Ísland

The book is available from
Icelandic Association of Utah Inc.
P.O.Box 874
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660.
For information write to:

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