Monday, December 1, 2008

Einar Magnússon

Einar Magnusson was born 7 February 1869 at Steinholt, Reykjavik, Gullbringu. His parents are Magnus Einarsson, born in 1842, died 20 July 1927; and Sigridur Gudmundsdottir, born 18 August 1831 in Gardar a Alftanes, Gullbringu, died 1885. Einar was five years old when his mother died. He then went to foster care with his Aunt Johanna Einarsdottir, the widow of Arni Thorsteinsson. He lived with Johanna until after confirmation, when he moved back to live with his father Magnus until his father immigrated to Utah in 1886.

Einar graduated from Seaman’s school in 1896. He was employed as ship’s captain for the next three years. He emigrated to Spanish Fork, Utah in 1899. He married Margret Sigurdardottir 10 September 1900. Margret was born 6 September 1875. Her parents are Sigurdur Asmundsson, born 25 July 1850, died 11 December 1913; and Thora Gudmundsdottir, born 15 May 1838, died 2 December 1921.

In 1902 Einar and Margret moved to Blaine, Washington and they were there for thirteen years. They then moved to Bellingham, Washington. Einar labored at both the cannery and sawmill. He was a sharp and inquisitive, widely read and he had a fine voice.

Einar and Margret had nine children: Gudmunda Jana, Kristinn, Sigridur Johanna, Einar, Thora, Asborg, Margret, Soley and Laufey. Einar went by Einar M. Einarsson in America. He is number 278 in Icelanders of Utah.

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