Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Icelandic Association of Utah

Icelandic Association of Utah
P.O. Box 874
Spanish Fork, UT 84660, USA

The purpose of the Icelandic Association of Utah, Inc. is to: celebrate and perpetuate the common interest in culture and heritage of Iceland through activities and continuing education; promote closer and better relations with the people of Iceland; preserve the memory of the early Icelandic pioneers who established the first permanent Icelandic settlement in North America at Spanish Fork, Utah.

In 1897 the Icelanders of Utah held their first Icelanders Days. Poles and willows were gathered from the river bottoms near Spanish Fork and a bowery was built on the north side of the Icelandic Amusement Hall. The Icelandic Amusement Hall had been built by the Icelanders in Spanish Fork on 700 East between 200 and 300 South. The first Iceland Day was held on August 2, 1897. The entire program was in Icelandic.
Early Iceland Days were held at the same time as the Iceland National Holiday celebrated in Iceland on 2 August. Iceland’s National Holiday was later changed to June 17th, yet Iceland Days in Spanish Fork continued to be held on the first weekend in August until it was officially changed to the third Saturday in June in 2003. It soon became apparent that the third Saturday in June presented a conflict with Fathers Day so it was moved to the fourth Saturday in June in 2004.

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