Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Farm - Nýibær, Holt undir Eyjafjollum, Rangarvalla

The farm Nýibær, Holt undir Eyjafjollum, Rangarvalla is where my great grandfather Eyjólfur Eiríksson was born 26 February 1854. I visited the farm on 31 March 2010. There was no one living on the farm at the time.
Iceland’s volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted just two weeks latter. I never made it back to the farm but I would guess it was covered with ash from the eruption.

The old farm of Holt in southwest Iceland is the Parish where my great grandfather, Eyjólfur Eiríksson was christened in 1854. He immigrated to Utah in 1882. Bonnie and I visited this old farm in May of 2005 with our friends Þuríður Maggý Magnúsdóttir and Jón Jóel Einarsson. The monument in the photo was placed in 1938 in honor of the old church that once stood on this location and where Eyjolfur was christened.

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