Thursday, January 15, 2009

IAU 2009 Membership Drive

The Icelandic Association of Utah is now holding its annual membership drive.

Please consider becoming a member of the Icelandic Association of Utah. It takes a lot of members to keep this organization going. You are the next generation of Icelanders in Utah and the association needs your support. They only ask for $15.00 per year.

Memberships make it possible to celebrate our Icelandic culture and heritage in Utah by having many activities such as: Thorrablot (importing Icelandic food, renting the building, door prizes…); participate in Scandinavian Heritage Days in Ephriam, Utah; Iceland Days Festival; maintenance for the Icelandic Memorial in Spanish Fork; resources (training materials, supplies, research books from Iceland and etc.) for the Family History Center in Spanish Fork: hosting of visiting Icelanders; newsletters (printing and postage); affiliate membership in the Icelandic National League of North America; and many other activities.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Icelandic Association of Utah, Inc. is to: Celebrate and perpetuate the common interest in culture and heritage of Iceland, through activities and continuing education. Promote closer and better relations with the people of Iceland. Preserve the memory of the early Icelandic pioneers who established the first permanent Icelandic settlement in North America at Spanish Fork, Utah.

Take the time, today, to send in your membership.

IAU 2009 Annual Membership ¨ *Family $15.00 ¨ Individual $10.00
* Family members must reside at the same address.
Others over 18 years old at the same address _________________________________________
Address ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________ State _______________ Zip __________
Phone _______ _______ ___________ Cell _______ _______ ___________
Email Address ___________________________________________________________
Volunteers are vital to the success of the events of the Icelandic Association, how would like to help? _______________________________________________________________________
Mail to:
Icelandic Association of Utah
P.O. Box 874
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

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