Monday, June 4, 2012

Fréttir June 2012

Utah Iceland Days

I will post more about Iceland Days when and if it becomes available. If anyone could help with information about Iceland Days this year please contact me.

Iceland Days 2012, June 22, 23, & 24 in Spanish Fork, Utah
Friday Night:
Main Speaker……………………….. Lin Floyd, Snorri Plus Experience

Rotating Workshops
1.                  John K Johnson presenting Icelandic Artifacts (20-30 min)
2.                  Thelma Marinosdottir presenting "Icelandic traits. How Icelandic are you??" (20-30 min)
3.                  Icelandic Language Workshop, Tentative
Saturday Family Fair:
Flag Ceremony
Icelandic Breakfast/
Icelandic pancakes & pastries
pancakes and pastries  Iceland Pancakes Recipe for Icelandic Pancakes
 Children's Choir/ (Rhea Jean)

Children's Village
Charlette Henry with kids games, prizes, photo ops, piñata

Catered lunch/ TBA

T-shirt & memorabilia sales table/ Tentative: The William's have stepped down from participation in the association. Need someone to man this booth. Be sure to thank them for their years of service!

Sunday Night Fireside:
Speakers/ TBA

Follow the Icelandic Association of Utah on their Facebook Page
Video of the Glaumbaer Turf Farm 
Glaumbaer Turf Farm

Icelandic Sweaters
Icelandic wool sweaters. Designs, pattern and colors inspired by the old Viking tradition. The art of knitting pullovers and cardigans has past from mother to daughter for generations, since the time of the Viking settlement in the ninth century. Icelandic  knitters typically are elderly women who have knitted sweaters all their life, for their fisherman’s or farmer’s husbands and sons, their daughters and relatives. It takes about 30 hours to knit a quality sweater. The Icelandic knitwear is famous for its quality. The knitting pattern of the knit sweaters or cardigan sweater is very traditional for Iceland, and both man and women wear it at work or as a sportswear. The hand knit wool sweater will last for years. It should be only hand washed from lukewarm water.

 Emigrant of the Month June 2012

GUÐRÚN SOFFÍA JÓNSDÓTTIR was born 25 January 1863 at Elinarhus, Vestmannaeyjar. Her parents are Jon Petursson, born 29 March 1829, died 15 July 1868 in Vestmannaeyjar; and Vilborg Johanna Thordardottir, born 5 February 1831 at Hjaleigusandur, Storidalur undir Eyjafollum, Rangarvalla, died 18 January 1924 in Spanish Fork, Utah. Gudrun’s father passed away when she only five years of age. Her mother married Sigrudur Arnason, born 28 November 1842 in Vestmannaeyjar, about 1870. In 1874 Sigurdur and Vilborg and her children, Johann, Gudrun Sophia, Olof and Vilhjalmar, emigrated to Spanish Fork, Utah.
Gudrun married Petur Valgardsson, born 31 December 1842 at Nyjabaer near Reykjavik, Gullbringu, the son of Valgardur Ofeigsson, born 1 September 1801 at Efstadar, Arnes, died 10 July 1876 at Sudurkot, Kalfatjorn, Gullbringu; and Adalbjorg Jonsdottir, born 1 January 1807 at Moldhaugar, Glaesibaer, Eyjafjardar, died 20 August 1883. They were married 17 November 1881 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gudrun and Petur had seven Children, all born in Spanish Fork, Utah: Vilmina Christina (1882-1952), William (1884-1960), John (1886-1955), Walter Albert (1888-1949), Ephraim (1891-1950), Edward (1891-1891), and Sophia (1893-1895). Gudrun Sophia died 5 February 1893 and is buried in the Spanish Fork City Cemetery. She was known as Soffia Valgardson in Utah.

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